What is Group Coaching? 

Group coaching is when several people meet together with a coach in a community centre or business or other suitable venue to be coached as a group and as individuals in the group.   Groups can have as few as three people including the coach and for best results no more than twelve people.   Virtually they would all join the same conference call and be coached together and individually as the call proceeds. The coach guides the conversation towards an expected outcome that they have agreed to. 

Group Coaching Topics - Virtual or Real Life Presence

1.    Handling Rejection

2.    Jealousy - That Interesting Phenomena!

3.    Valued Customer Service

4.    Staff Morale through an Engaged Small Business Attitude

5.    Potential Development

6.    Work-Life Balance

7.    Self Concept and Self Acceptance

9.    Self Worth 

10.  Self Confidence