What is a Coach?

A Coach is a trustworthy professional who can help you identify what's keeping you from reaching your greatest possibility.  In a good coaching relationship there is a supportive and non-judgmental environment that nurtures your ability to create and sustain what you really want.  A Coach can help you strategize and use the tools you need to achieve your goals.  Coaching can help you realize how your thoughts, words, motives, attitudes and actions are affecting your life.  With it you are more likely to break negative habits, learn to recreate your self concept, self worth, and self confidence.  You can learn how to take action to surpass your highest expectations for your life or business.

The Way of Coaching

Coaching may cover specific issues that the client wants to discuss, but it is not any type of therapy, or psychological counseling, or consulting.  The Coach will suggest therapy or counseling first should the coachee require it, in order to be more successful in attaining and sustaining their desired outcome.  Additional coaching services can include using tools to discover tolerations, values, life purpose, career choice, personal and professional growth areas, specific strategies, and emotional, conversational and cultural quotient levels.  A good coach often asks intriguing questions, and definitely believes in the coachee’s ability to exceed their own expectations.

Informal Recap

Life and Business Coaches sometimes send you a Recap.  This is a summary of what the coaching session covered and can include an outline of the strategic steps you chose.  The Recap can also remind you of any agreed upon follow up plan between that session and the next.  

What types of people have Coaches?

People from all walks of life work with professional Coaches to help attain their goals in finance, careers, health and self care, relationships, business, skill development, education, and more. The topic for working with a coach is entirely up to the person getting the coaching.   

How will Coaching help?

The results will vary depending on what brings you to a Coach, and what you and the coach put into it.  A business Coach can help you market yourself more effectively, and help you make your current job more gratifying with room for growth and opportunity.  Personal Coaching can help you improve your relationships, change negative behaviors, improve your health, and grow spiritually.  With coaching you can live a more balanced and satisfying life. Those committed to do the work to change their life and move forward receive the best results. 

What happens in a Coaching Session?

Each session is tailored to the client and will vary depending on their needs.  In the beginning, the coach discusses with you what you want to accomplish and reviews with you any forms you filled in.  Together you will begin to create a plan to achieve your goals.  With each sessions Recap you may be given some exercises to help you grow and develop towards the attainment of your specific goals. A Coach will partner with you to move forward by helping you deal with anything keeping you back.  They will reframe and explore alternative perspectives. Together you'll celebrate your accomplishments.  With the conclusion of each session, a Coach will remind you of the agreement, and recap what you've already done, along with the steps you chose to complete the goal.  

Do I really need a Coach, can't I just do it by myself?

Life coaching can take you above and beyond your expectations.  Many people try to be their best, not realizing that they can accomplish much more with the right Coach.  A personal Coach can offer an unbiased and objective perspective, and help you replace unproductive or unprofitable patterns and habits.  Most people learn that working with the Right Coach, they are more efficient, happier, confident, and positive to name a few.  Coaching can help believe you can have what you want, and get there.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

Coaching is distinct from therapy because it is not designed to analyze past experiences and their psychological, spiritual,  or emotional impact.  The primary focus of coaching is to help you identify and achieve your goals, while developing constructive habits and skills to sustain them.  It is to create what you really want in the present and in the future.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary among Coaches.  This Coach requires a 48 hour notice to cancel any session, or Coaching Fees will still be applied.  Please be certain to contact me, if you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment.  This is also noted in the contract that you sign.  

How long do people generally work with a Coach?

To experience the effectiveness of a coaching program, clients should make an initial six-month commitment.  At the end of the six months, progress can be evaluated and options discussed for continued coaching.  Many people today have a Coach and see them three or four times per month.  

Is Coaching confidential?

What we discuss will be held in confidence and not shared with others.  Both the Coach and Coachee agree to "adhere to the strictest levels of confidentiality with client, coach and sponsor information.  Both agree to have a clear agreement or contract before releasing information to another person or company except where required by law."  That said, coaching is a confidential process, and your personal information will always be protected.