What do you want to focus on?  Goals will naturally come out of the areas below and will be reassessed regularly.

 a)      Life Skills 

 b)     Business Objectives

 c)      Communication Skills

 d)      Conditions to have

 e)      Achievements or accomplishments

 f)      Foundational issues

 g)      Self Care

 h)    Money

 i)      Health

 j)      Relationships.

Preparation for Your Coaching Session

1.  What shifts in your thinking or behavior have you made?

2.  What have you accomplished that you feel good about?

3.  What are you grateful for right now?

4.  What did you intend to complete, but did not?

5.  What challenges and problems are you facing right now?

6.  What opportunities are available to you?

7.  What do you want to discuss during the upcoming session?