Brenda Watson is a Business, Executive, and Life Coach, that enjoys giving appreciated and valuable coaching to her clients, previous colleagues, and friends.  You will find her to be very pleasant, positive, acknowledging, full of faith and innovative ideas towards win win solutions. She has taught, facilitated and co-facilitated Personal and Professional Workshops in:  How to Stay Positive in the Face of Setbacks, Developing Self Confidence & A Positive Attitude, Assertiveness Training, Anger and Conflict Management, Starting a Small Business, Building Self Esteem, Clear and Effective Communication, Stress Management, Problem Solving, and 6 Hat Thinking Decision Making. 

Coaching and Related Education:  CEG (Core Essentials Graduate) of Coach U University.  Completion of Advanced Corporate Coaching Program, Coach U University.  Brenda also holds Certifications in:  Workshop Leading and Developing, Small Group Facilitation, Consulting, and Teaching Adults.